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A1 Business Limousine Mercedes S-class A1 Business Limousine Mercedes S-class A1 Business Limousine Mercedes S-class A1 Business Limousine Mercedes S-class and Mercedes Viano A1 Business Limousine Mercedes Viano
Business Car & Limousine Services.
  • Transfer-service
    Our courteous and discreet drivers will meet your guests at the airport.
    We act as your guests' personal chauffeur by presenting a sign with your
    company-logo as well as your guests' names.
    We will safely transport your guests in our limousines to their destination
    at the hotel or company reception.
    Transfer service is a natural part of a business plan.

  • Roadshows
    We specialize in all types of roadshows.
    Utilize the transportation time - our limousines have no waiting or scheduled departure-times - we are ready when you are, the trip to Funen, Jutland or
    Southern Sweden is both time- and pricecompetitive compared to domestic flights, and in our limousine you will have plenty leg-space!
    Why not use the car as a mobile office, while we safely transport you to your next meeting.

  • Conference-driving
    Conferences are one of our specialities - we make sure that your guests are transported safely from airport to hotel - to the conference center - and back to hotel/airport in a comfortable and professional manner in our business limousines.

  • Business account
    Call or email us for a business-account.
    Our professional and helpsome drivers will act as your guests personal guide and will professionally cover your guests' driving needs.
    We are capable of handling all sorts of driving in a professional and safe way, at the same time we are very flexible and can adjust to your wishes on a short notice.
    All forms of driving can be covered within a business plan.

  • Creditcards:
    We accept Mastercard, VISA and American Express international creditcards.

A1 Limousine, DK-2770 Kastrup, Copenhagen - phone +45 3032 2202 Email:limo@a1limousine.dk